Why TreppPort?

An End-to-End Lending, Surveillance and Risk Management Platform

The TreppPort web-based solution enables CRE lenders, asset managers and investors to manage their CRE businesses from a single, centralized database application to maximize efficiency, transparency and data integrity. From a user-friendly customizable interface, clients have access to their full set of CRE information to better underwrite, value and analyze loans and properties held on-book or under bonds.

Only with TreppPort can you analyze and benchmark exposure whether derived from bonds, loans or properties.

TreppPort uniquely enables the integration of client information, market data as well as an underwriting model that lets clients "live" in the same model throughout the life of the loan, reducing costly redundancy and risk.

TreppPort does the work. You do the analysis.

The Solution for a Variety of CRE Firms

Institutional Lender and Investor

Need: Underwrite, analyze and report on CRE investments – from loans in the pipeline to properties under bonds to on-book loans to REO.

Benefit: Analyze and manage your CRE portfolio in a single platform for maximum transparency and efficiency.

CMBS Surveillance and Asset Manager

Need: Determine how changes in credit at the deal, bond, loan and property levels impact the portfolio, and update financials on an ongoing basis within one model.

Benefit: Detect and report credit deterioration earlier and re-underwrite in the same model as financials are updated.

B-Piece Investor

Need: Perform timely upfront due diligence and analyze and monitor deals over time.

Benefit: Reduce time needed to identify and understand risk by working in the same platform throughout the life of the deal.

Portfolio and Conduit Lender

Need: Underwrite and manage loans throughout the origination, funding and securitization process.

Benefit: Seamless, integrated process for effective pipeline management, loan sizing and underwriting, closing and reporting.

From loan origination to asset management, and everything in between. TreppPort has extensive pipeline analysis capabilities for lenders to manage deal flow, key statistics, and due dates, as well as generate investment memorandums.

TreppPort also provides a solid foundation for asset management and special servicing requirements. Combined with powerful reporting, you have the essential foundation for effective portfolio management and early detection of credit deterioration.

Loan Origination
Pipeline Management
Asset Management